This music video arises from a special collaborative symbiosis for Daniel Moreno as it has been created to accompany a song from the musical project Morgon, created by his brother Álex González. Morgon is defined as a folk project and the single “Mocador blau” will be included in the EP “Històries que ens porten lluny”, which will have five songs in both Catalan and Spanish. It will also feature the participation of musicians from all over Spain such as Àlex Marquès and Maria Lamata, among others.

The “Mocador Blau” music video has a vibrant aesthetic of Impressionist pictorial style stemming from González’s original idea: “A farewell at a train station in the style of Claude Monet.” From this germ, we have developed the complete narrative with the help of AI. This work is a tribute to the Impressionist painters of the 19th century.

Here are two paintings by Claude Monet that have served as inspiration for the music video:

To complete this audiovisual piece, over 2500 images and 500 videos have been created with Midjourney and Runway.

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